Hi! I'm Griffin Dietz.

I am a senior at Stanford University studying Computer Science with a focus in Human Computer Interaction. I love learning and thinking about how people—especially children—perceive new technologies, and how that affects the way we should design and develop.

In addition to thinking about and creating new technologies, I love food (cooking, baking, and eating all included), superhero movies, naps, snowboarding, attempting (and typically failing) to play golf, reading, parentheses (as you may have noticed), and traveling.



Stanford Computer Science Undergraduate Honors Thesis

My Computer Science Honors Thesis centers on finding new ways to introduce students to coding. I am running a developmental psychology study with the Social Learning Lab under Professor Hyowon Gweon to figure out when students begin to develop the ability to break down a large problem, a core skill in programming. I then plan to create a technology that I can integrate into the lives of children to begin introducing this skill, with Professor James Landay acting as my advisor.

Mechanical Engineering Design Group / CS 376

I am on a team collaborating with Professor Sean Follmer's lab to investigate how humans perceive different swarm robot motions. We hope to determine which motions cause higher levels of trust and feelings of safety.

Stanford HCI Group

I worked with Professor James Landay on a narrative-based education system inspired by Neal Stephenson’s, The Diamond Age.

Social Learning Lab / PSYCH 187

I ran a study on 4 and 5 year old children examining how they learn to produce novel sounds and if learning to teach vs. learning simply to learn changed their pronunciation accuracy.

Virtual Human Interaction Lab

I developed a virtual reality Sesame Street world to measure virtual presence in children.


Google Self-Driving Car, X

I worked on both designs and implementations for the in-car displays as a part of the UX Engineering Team for the Self-Driving Cars. But shhh…can’t tell you any more…it’s a secret.

Stanford University

I have been a TA for several classes in the Computer Science Department at Stanford.

TRUECar, Inc.

Over the course of my internship, I designed and implemented a native iOS used car buying experience. My work is now in the production app.



I took a course entitled Embodied Interfaces for which I created interactive artwork with sensors, Arduino, Kinect, Processing, 3D printers, 3D scanners, and more.

CS 147 / CS 194H

I worked on a team to design and develop NightOwl, and app intended to help student find others that are awake, nearby, and working on the same thing, so they can collaborate.

CS 193P

I worked on design and development for Epicenter, a location based events application.


I am always open to questions and appreciate feedback. Please contact me:

Griffin Dietz
email: gdietz44 [at] stanford [dot] edu