This quarter, I am enrolled in CS376: Human Computer Interaction. In this course, teams of three work together for the duration of the quarter to run an HCI research study, with the objective of producing work of publishable quality.

My team is working with Professor Sean Follmer's lab in the ME Design Group at Stanford to study how humans perceive the motion of swarm robots. The lab has developed Zooid robots, small, non-humanoid robots shown at UIST 2016, in an effort to further their vision of ubiquitous robotics. We are helping further this vision by helping determine ways to make robots seem safer. We are building on prior literate linking speed and smoothness of motion to different aspects of emotion (both coveyed and evoked), to see if these effects are reproduced and magnified in swarm robots, especiallty when those swarms exhibit higher levels of synchronization.

We have so far piloted with 5 participants and run an additional 10 through our full study with some interesting preliminary results.